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I’m inspired by people’s stories and their passions. That’s what I hope to bring in each design I create

A little Background . . .

Who would have thought ... Four years ago, studying Art at school and receiving grade D that I would now be in a position of running my own design business! ....

Despite the accent, my birth certificate proves that I’m from the Medway Towns, Kent.

A part-time drawer from an early age, I couldn’t watch a whole film or go on holiday without taking a sketchbook with me. Either a creative fidget, or a career - focused child, I’ve not changed!

Encouraged by the wonderful team at the Prince’s Trust, ‘Designed by Esther’ officially launched in November 2017 where I hosted a classy evening at the Historic Dockyard Chatham, with wine, music and new products that showcased three designs I had created exclusively for their gift shop.

Check out ‘The Meant to be Moment’ blog for the story on how I started the business.

People, places, stories and memories help inspire each illustration, to allow historical relevance to be represented in each design.

Colour and I seem to be working well so far, and my aim is to continue by creating designs with contemporary colour palettes on a strict 5 option basis. (minus a few exceptions - Our Frontline Collection)

Whether it’s your Granny’s 80th Birthday, or your School just planted a new Tree, there is a meaning behind every event, and my job is to best represent that into design.

Hope you enjoy!

E x


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