Our Frontline - The Story

What sparked the idea?

With the 70th Anniversary of the NHS this year, it’s hard to miss all the publicity and news articles devoted to the work of the NHS staff.

Running a design business and being inspired by stories and heritage, I wanted to create illustrations based on as many aspects of the NHS as possible.

The more research I did, the more services and organisations I wanted to represent in this collection, including the RNLI and St John’s Ambulance.

Who Inspired the Collection?

I have friends in the police force, both working on the streets for the public, and taking the 999 calls. The long and unsociable hours they work show just how in demand they are and what a difference their work makes.

I also have a friend who has suffered with a heart condition, and if it weren’t for the intelligent surgeons and doctors she had looking after her, we wouldn’t have had the countless laughs and memories we share together.

This summer I became a proud Auntie. Due to the support and care from the NHS, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed the safe delivery of my little nephew.

There are countless other examples of why I myself am grateful for the NHS and frontline services, and therefore I wanted to honour their work by creating designs that best represented that.

Whats next for the designs?

Early 2019 will see the release of these designs onto products that can be shared between friends and family who also have deep connections to the NHS and frontline services. (plus a little something extra is in the making!)